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i got in contact with her as soon as i could as the only way to give any help to a nevernude is intervention...you gotta surprise em. which is exactly what we did to sam, her boyfriend suffering from

Check out guys I m again doing one of my crazy things all over the place today I got to fuck in a clothing store.

Hey guys so this week i decided ti take this show on the road and out on the streets, asking random guys about their sexual stamina.

They were such good sports that I took them all to Porkies after that. Enjoy!

i just keep on playing with katie. because when im playing board games i get really into what im playing hehe. i had so much fun kicking Katie's ass while i got fucked.

His name is Carlos, and he was so excited to come and watch me masturbate. Sometimes it's a lot more fun to have someone watch me as I play with myself, gets me really wet.

& we had so much fun with a couple of really cool guys who joined us an exchange for BJ'S. Find out what happens, hope you enjoy... bye XOXO Brandi

You guys know how i love to take care of my friends...so when i heard that 2 friends of mine had just recently been into a car accident i was on a mission to do my best to cheer them up.

Have you ever had one of those days when you just cant make up your mind on anything. I mean you know you want to do SOMETHING but you just dont know what.

o I'm over at my friend Tesa's house relazing when she drags me over behind her neighbors house cause she said there was something I just had to see.

The other day, they showed me a movie that they made and it was so cool that it made me want to direct, star in, and edit my own movie. …

hehe it was so much fun having Cindy looking at me while I got fucked. But i couldn't have all the fun for myself, I dedicated to give Cindy a pleasant surprise.

who are willing to participate in our little experiment (who grows & who shows)

So I did! It’s a little rough since I did it all myself, but I love it! It’s called The Secretary’s Revenge and thanks to the help of my friends I think it came out pretty damn good.

o here i am innocently shopping for couches with my beautiful hungarian friend. We're going around from couch to couch sitting, laying you know getting a feel for the couches.

I have a few friends that are in film school and sometimes I am so jealous of them. What they do looks like so much fun!

but as you can imagine it didnt always work out that way which is why some of the girls are wearing raincoats for protection

Im not really sure what it is but I think I might have figured it out in this latest update on my sight! In the works of trying to make a cream pie I caught a good serving of dick.

Hey guys, what's up? It's me Brandi and this week I decided I wanted to talk about masturbation with my friend Nina. She loves to masturbate so I thought it would fun to masturbate together

Hi there, everyone! I invited my friend Alexa James to my favorite massage parlor to help me instruct on the best ways to give a massage.

I do have a pretty lil butt and thought you guys would like to see it in action. But what's a toy testing with out a lil fun afterwards? I love to have fun. Enjoy!

Shower and a fuck. What better way is there to have some hot raunchy sex? Sex never felt so clean.

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Check this clip where we have sharon stone wannabe fucking and sucking like a real pro..

Brandi walks in on her masturbating friend... so she decides to lend him a hand... and a mouth. What a nice friend

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Little did they know they were actually going to a rub n tug but my helpful hand didnt stop there i wasnt to impressed with the clientel working at this particular rub n tug so i brought three of my o

Everyone loves drinking games, and watching their friends get totally plastered, and so do I

Hey guys! Remember how I told you that I was going to show you some of the videos I get sent to me? Well I'm ready to share again! Time for another sexy ass couple who wanted to show off.

Since we were having so much fun, my friend pretty much dared me to get his dick hard. I don\'t think she knows me to well, because I did not hesitate to put his cock in my mouth. I started sucking.

Hey guys, So I've been getting a lot of emails from you guys claiming that you can fuck me better then some of the guys i bring along here. So this week i decided to put one of you Fan boys to the tes

Yeah these 2 actually saved themselves for marriage, you dont see that too often nowadays; kind of comendable i guess.

Brandi submits to user requests! Watch her and her friend masturbate.. what a wonderful site. Then her friends come in and start jerking off to these beauties... who wouldnt?!

I caught the girls in the locker room having fun with a pervert who decided to stick his dick through a hole in the wall of the girls showers.

I’m going to be honest, I think I may have started some kind of homemade porn revolution here! Okay, maybe I'm giving myself too much credit.

I think Alexa had a little more fun than I did to be honest. She got the happiest ending in this massage. Watch us get our relaxation on. Enjoy!

this video is one of my first attempts of adapting my dreams to film so to speak. luckily for you guys most of my run of the mill dreams are more erotic that most peoples wildest sexual fantasies so i

Check out Brandi as she call a friend for some hot shower action. Rub a dub dub on that cock is more like it.

i wanted to see these dudes in action so i had my friend Coco help me out with this some in tackling this project.

and showed them our appreciation by blowing and fucking them! Maybe next time I put on one of these things you can come...

he second to get it up gets sucked off and the third just gets a tug. While none of us are going to touch the guys, we definitely give their dicks a little incentive.

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Hey guys so this week i have Cindy over to check out what i do here, Cindy is friends with my Hungarian friend Marisol

well i was so impressed with his level of pervertedness i had him back...i actually had him hiding in the bathroom he was suppose to comeout once the girls were done with the girl on girl

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Bet youve never seen a talk sho like this one. Brandi takes lead over this panel of horny women and dissect this guy 100%

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You know how much I love shooting videos for you guys right??? But sometimes it\'s so hard to find a guy who can handle all of my fetishes and demands, especially when it comes to staying hard.

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